Southgate Amateur Radio News

  • Summary Record of IARU Administrative Council Meeting

    The IARU have released published a Summary Record of the 42nd meeting of the Administrative Council which note " agenda items for new or harmonized spectrum allocations should be sought at WRC-19" […]

  • Caution urged in using high duty cycle digital modes via satellite

    As a result of on-the-air observation other satellite users planning to try FT8 or MSK144 modes via satellite are encouraged use caution using these modes and possibly avoid their use completely in light of problems […]

  • Radio ham's HAARP experiment

    The IEEE Spectrum reports on the Slow Scan Television (SSTV) transmissions made from Alaska's HAARP facility by radio amateur Chris Fallen KL3WX […]

  • ICQPODCAST – G8BBC the official launch

    In this special episode, Colin M6BOY, Chris M0TCH and Martin M0SGL visit Broadcasting House in London for the official launch of G8BBC […]

  • DXCC Country/Entity Report

    According to the Amateur Radio Cluster Network for the week of Sunday, 15th October, through Sunday, 22nd October there were 230 countries activ […]

  • Bad weather prompts GB1BSW postponement

    As you're probably aware, a large chunk of North Wales was subjected to the remnants of Hurricane Brian yesterday! […]

  • Aussie pico balloon series restarts

    After an absence since March this year, a tiny high altitude balloon PS-72 launched from Melbourne was right on track to head north in Victoria before turning west into South Australia. Andy Nguyen VK3YT put up PS-72 on Sunday 15th, a solar powered party foil-like balloon measuring 90-cm across, […]

  • New venue for Cape Town SDR Workshop

    Due to problems on the CPUT (Cape Peninsula University of Technology) campus, the venue for the SDR Workshop to be held in Cape Town on 4 November has been changed […]

  • International Space Station crew invites public along for photographic trip around world

    NASA astronaut and Expedition 53 Commander Randy Bresnik will spend one full orbit photographing Earth from the International Space Station on Monday, Oct. 23, and he is inviting people around the globe to share images from their Earth-side vantage point on social media […]

  • The Terahertz spectrum

    Most radio amateurs are only active on the bottom 30 MHz of the entire radio spectrum, which covers in total 300 000 MHz (300 GHz) […]